5 Essential Items You Have To Bring On a Camping Trip With Your Partner

Camping alone or with a group of close friends is a beautiful thing, there’s no denying that. However, camping with a lover is a rather unique and exquisite experience. Organizing a regular camping trip is somewhat easy, but if you want to have a wonderful time with your partner, you must make sure to pack all the essential items for this occasion. Therefore, here are the 5 things you simply must bring with you next time you go camping with your significant other.

A Proper Shelter

Going on a camping trip implies that you want to spend as much time as possible in nature. However, being exposed to the elements can sometimes be very unpleasant, especially during the night. That’s why you have to bring a proper shelter with you. A cozy recreational vehicle would be a perfect solution, but if you are going to a more remote location where you can’t get by an RV, a two-person tent will have to do. A proper shelter is important for the reason we mentioned above, but it’s also convenient if you decide to be intimate with your lover.

Two Sleeping Bags Or One Big Sleeping Bag For Couples

Even though sleeping in a hammock between two trees sounds perfect, you still have to bring a camping sleeping bag because nights in the woods can get rather cold. Separate sleeping bags are a good solution, of course, but if you want to be more intimate with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you should consider bringing a two-person sleeping bag for couples. These things are very warm, soft, and comfortable, which means you will be able to rest properly.

A Lantern

There’s probably nothing more romantic than sitting with your loved one in the woods admiring the night sky while being lit by candlelight. Sadly, you can’t always rely on candles while camping, because the slightest breeze can leave you in the dark. However, if you bring a lantern, you will be able to enjoy a romantic evening in the great outdoors with your significant other. Camping lanterns are not just romantic, they are practical as well. For example, if you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, these things will help you find the way safely. 

A Camping Stove

The only thing that’s better than eating a freshly-cooked meal with your lover is eating delicious food with them in nature. Sadly, cooking a meal like this is not always easy when you are on a camping trip. You can’t bring your entire kitchen to your camping location, but you can bring a small and portable camping stove. This will allow you to cook all kinds of different things which will make your camping trip more romantic and enjoyable.


It’s safe to say that a romantic camping trip simply wouldn’t be complete without some music. That said, you should really make sure to arrange this type of entertainment for you and your lover. If you play a guitar, bring it with you and play it by the fire. There aren’t many things in this world that are more romantic than playing an acoustic guitar for your girlfriend by the campfire. If, however, none of you are musicians, you can always put your favorite music on your smartphone and listen to it while gazing at the night sky. 

Lastly, Don’t Forget To Take Care Of nature

Camping with your loved one is a beautiful experience during which you should do all the things that make you happy. However, this doesn’t mean you should take nature for granted. So, be responsible when building a fire and don’t leave trash behind you when you leave. Taking care of the environment is something every camper should do. Therefore, have fun on your camping trip with your lover, but remember to treat Mother Nature with respect.