5 Fun Ideas for Hosting a Guys Night

It’s always great fun when you get to spend time with your best fellas. But if you’ve been thinking about organizing something more interesting in order to spice things up or celebrate a certain occasion, it’s important to step out of your comfort zone. Regardless of whether you’re partying at your place or around the town, hosting a guys’ night can become an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. What’s more, some ideas can become a weekly tradition. 

1. A poker night

Nothing says a fun guys’ night as much as a game of poker with a few friends. If you have your own poker table at your man cave, things can be even more interesting. But, in the end, all you really need is a plain table, comfortable seating, cards and poker chips. Of course, if you want to make this night a true poker competition, you’ll have to minimize the distractions. So, no noisy pets or TV in the background. Furthermore, prepare some snacks that are easy to eat with one hand, together with some beverages that you know your guy group would love. Some guys go all out with whiskey and cigars for this type of night out, which is a nice way to unwind and make a tradition. 

2. Go beer tasting


If you and the lads have an affinity for beer, a beer tasting night is definitely a great way to do something different on your night out. Of course, you can all bring different kinds of beer to your place, but wouldn’t it be more interesting to try bar hopping? That way, you can experience different surroundings and environments as well as taste different kinds of beer. Craft beer is a special treat in this particular case – and you get to walk a bit in between your stops. 

3. Celebration before the wedding

In case it’s your duty to organize a party for one of your guy friends who is about to get married, you definitely want to do something special but tasteful. Keep the tradition yet don’t go overboard with unruly behaviour. That said, it’s not at all that difficult to organize an amazing bucks night in Sydney if you know where to look. There are gentlemen clubs that specialize in this kind of event, yet they retain a certain level of refinement and stylish ambience, perfect for a group of gents like you and your friends.  

4. Go camping


If you really want a big change from your usual nights out, you and the guys can go camping! After all, there are plenty of public and private campgrounds these days that even have showers and barbecue areas. With that said, you can embark on your journey to nature and reminisce about the old days when you first met or went to college. A night under the stars with snacks and booze is sometimes all a group of guys need in order to recharge and strengthen their bonds. 

5. Sports night

The ultimate guys’ night idea has everything to do with sports – obviously. If you and your fellas are sports fans, you can take your couch-potato tendencies to another level and make something truly special from the ordeal. Pick the sport that you all like and follow and get together to watch the last game in the season, or maybe make this a tradition and watch the games every week. Of course, plenty of snacks, drinks and comfortable seating is a must. In case you already do this kind of thing and actually want to spruce things up a bit, why not take the guys to an actual live match? This might require some organizational skills, but if all of you are big sports fans, you’ll definitely enjoy such an excellent opportunity to do something different. 

Everyone has their own responsibilities and obligations. There’s work, family, private affairs, etc. But everyone also needs to socialize and simply spend some quality time with their friends. You might not be able to get together as often as you did when you were younger but when you do get together, you can really make this gathering a night to remember. Of course, remember to be responsible – if you’re going out in a car yet plan to drink alcohol, someone has to be a designated driver!