5 Tips for Throwing an Amazing Company Holiday Party

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your annual office holiday party. If you manage to come up with the best way to approach and execute your party, not only will you increase company morale but you’ll also boost employee satisfaction. But how exactly do you host an amazing company holiday party? Here are five tips to ensure your event is a success.

Pick a convenient date

There’s no need to say that the holiday season is a time chock-full of parties and family visits. This means your employees probably have very little free time to spare and if you want people to show up, picking a convenient date is a must. Choosing a date early in December is a great idea as you don’t have to worry about competing with other holiday events your staff members might have to attend. If you really want your party to take place close to the end of the month, consider throwing it during office hours, just to make sure everyone can make it. Also, don’t forget to give everyone advance notice of when the party will take place.

Choose the right location

You have two options when throwing a company holiday party – you can do it in a restaurant or hall, or you can turn it into an office party. If you opt for the former, go with a location everyone in your company is familiar with. Try to think of restaurants and other venues close to the office your employees can drive to without having to spend too much time on the road. Throwing an office party is also an amazing idea, especially given how much time your employees spend in the office working. A memorable office holiday party will help them associate the place with something else other than their work.

Don’t forget about little ones

little ones

The holiday season is when people have some extra free time to spend with their loved ones. Having your employees bring their partners and kids to the party can turn out to be an exceptional idea. If you decide to do this, don’t forget that kids will need something to keep them entertained during the party. One of the best things you can do is include a real kids’ Christmas party in your event and have experts keep the little ones entertained. Preparing presents for your employees’ kids is also guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

Get catering right


There’s no point in hosting a holiday party if you’re not going to serve any food. Even if you’ve thought of tons of party game ideas, your employees will still expect to have something they can snack on while playing. When choosing what to serve at your party, you have to remember that people have different dietary needs and preferences. This is why ordering at least a few different types of food and snacks is recommended. It’s a good practice to make sure there’s at least one vegetarian selection that absolutely everyone can enjoy. If you plan to serve alcohol, be sure to provide at least a few soft drinks as well.

Don’t skimp on decorations

No matter where you decide to throw your party, decorating the entire place is a must. Carefully-chosen decorations can separate a standard business event from a real holiday party. Picking up stuff such as a Christmas tree and Christmas lights is a no-brainer but if you want to make your party stand out, coming up with DIY decoration ideas can be a great move. The web is a great source of holiday party decoration ideas and all you need to do is put enough time and effort into it. Having your staff members work on DIY decorations can also help spread the holiday spirit and even improve their teamwork skills.

Over to you

The holiday season is the perfect time to strengthen the bonds between your employees and help them recharge the batteries for the next year. Throwing a perfect holiday party for your staff members is going to do exactly that and ensure everyone has an enjoyable holiday season. Follow the five tips covered in this post and there’s no doubt your big party will be a success.