5 Ways to Explore Your Sexuality by The Time You’re 30

Our sexuality is both diverse and complicated, but since it’s still sort of a taboo topic, it’s very often neglected. However, it’s an essential part of you, and it’s a part that can affect all other parts of your life, especially when your wishes are not satisfied. Fortunately, there are many different ways to explore your sexuality, both with your partner and on your own, so here are a few ways that should help you enjoy this aspect of your life to the fullest.


Just like you are reading this article, there are many other articles and books you can find on similar topics. From how-to guides to erotic fiction, you’re bound to find something that interests you. Plus, reading books is a great way to learn more about different sexualities and experiences you might want to try. Additionally, you can also find various blogs that talk about personal stories and offer answers to all kinds of personal questions. Those can also be helpful, especially if you feel alone or confused – they could help you see that there are plenty of people out there exploring their sexuality just like you.


Watch porn

Watching porn often gets a bad reputation simply because it can sometimes lead to unrealistic expectations. What you see in most porn movies is nothing like the real thing. So, it should never be substituted for actual sexual education. That being said, it can still give you an idea of what you’d like to do with somebody else. There are many different categories, and each category gives you a different narrative to explore. All in all, it should not be taken seriously, but it’s a great entertainment option that can give you an insight into your own sexuality.

Hire an escort

This is a bit more advanced way of exploring your sexuality, but if you already know what you want to try and you just need somebody to try it with, then why not. Hiring one of the professional escorts can be a great way to actually see whether what you like in theory is something you’d like in practice as well. For example, if you think you might be into BDSM, it’s really not something you should try with just about anybody. You want to know that you are in safe and experienced hands, and hiring an escort who knows all about it can lead to a more positive experience.


Talk to your partner

If you have a partner, you can always talk to them about wanting to try new things. A healthy relationship implies honesty and comfort about all topics, especially sex. Of course, there’s nothing unusual about being shy if you are still young and learning, but the only way for you two to enjoy your sex life is for both of you to know what the other one likes and doesn’t like. So, if you are shy about expressing your wishes, start slowly by asking them some less “heated” questions, like their favorite position or what they like the most. As you get more comfortable, you can move on to what you really want to talk about. Also, the more you talk about sex, the more comfortable it gets, so make it a part of your regular conversation, and you’re bound to have a much more fulfilling sex life.


Of course, you can’t have this kind of list without mentioning masturbation. First of all, masturbating is very healthy, as it can help you relieve stress, improve your mood, and boost your energy levels. Second, exploring your body can help you figure out what you like and what you don’t. Plus, if you have a partner, masturbating can also help you teach them how you want them to touch you. Finally, this is something you can do regardless of your relationship status, and whether you choose to do it or not says nothing about your relationship with somebody else – it can only improve your relationship with your own body.

Sexuality is not as simple as some people make it be, and there is nothing wrong about questioning yours or wanting to learn more about it. We all go through that phase, which is why exploration is an essential part of learning who you are and what you want. So, consider the listed suggestions, and don’t hesitate to explore this aspect of your identity.