Best Destinations for Hipsters in Australia

Australia has always been at the top of the popularity lists when it comes to tourism, which, you may think, is not exactly what a hipster concept entails. But, this is also a country that has something for everyone, from nature, history and culture to fun and entertainment. In that respect, you shouldn’t be too surprised to hear that certain spots in Australia are undoubtedly a hipster paradise. Interested in something new and unique for your next visit? Then keep on reading.

Sydney has its hipster vibe, too

You may think that you have heard it all about Sydney and even dread visiting this huge city due to the noise and crowds. However, such a large place is bound to have its hipster side, isn’t it? In that respect, certain suburbs may as well be a true paradise for a fellow hipster. Darlinghurst, for start, is definitely one of the most popular suburbs in this regard. Great cafes, multiculturalism, edgy shops, and so on, make this area the top hipster choice. There’s also Chippendale, which simply draws people in with its fresh mix of families, students, artists and creatives. It’s hip, green, friendly and you can always count on the best Chippendale hotel in Sydney to provide amazing service. Together with Surry Hills known for their café and stylish cultural scene, you’ll be all set during your Sydney visit!

Melbourne’s hipster suburbs

Melbourne’s just as much buzzing and entertaining as Sydney, which may also seem like an obstacle for a true hipster soul. But, every large city has its hidden gems, and the same goes for Melbourne. If you’re seeking some “underground” experience, there are several different suburbs that you need to visit! For starters, the oldest and most hipster-like suburb is Fitzroy, extremely popular for its art and coffee. Then there’s St Kilda, with its street art, vegetarian restaurants and theatre. Collingwood will satisfy the most demanding hipster foodie. Flemington is the fun suburb with plenty of great entertainment options, with Escape Room being one of the most popular. And, there’s also Windsor, which all bohemian souls will absolutely love.

Brisbane’s West End

If you’re on the hunt for something more affordable that still comes with all the perks that Sydney and Melbourne have to offer, Brisbane is your city. For a hipster in you, don’t miss your chance to explore the city’s West End suburb. As you can probably guess, coffee and shopping opportunities will keep your heart filled with joy! And, it gets even better – going to Mt Coot-tha will let you observe the city in a 360-view! Now isn’t that a spectacle not many tourists know about! Also, those of you interested in a bit of adrenaline rush, definitely make it a point to climb Brisbane Story Bridge.

Perth’s Victoria Park

One of the main perks of the beautiful Victoria Park in Perth is the fact that the suburb is constantly colourful, creative and radiant thanks to the university students in the area. Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a hipster place if it didn’t have amazing café scene, right? What’s more, the Swan River and Burswood Park make this particular suburb in Perth a true sight to behold. It’s a great match with the overall coziness of the place. In addition, history buffs will be interested to visit The Perth Mint Gold Exhibition for sure!

Adelaide’s Norwood

Norwood as a suburb in Adelaide is definitely the hipster hot-spot by definition! It’s relatively new and always open for a change. Thanks to the fact that young and hip crowd make the majority of the residents, you can see why Norwood can answer your hipster pleas. It’s undoubtedly cool and filled with interesting yet cozy cafes and shops. But, it also has plenty of greenery for people to enjoy. Together with Botanic Gardens and the National Wine Centre of Australia, Norwood may as well be your go-to hipster oasis.

The best way to organize your itinerary when planning a hipster visit to the land of Oz is to do your research beforehand and try talking online to some hip, likeminded individuals who have some knowledge and experience about the things you’re looking for. That way, you’re sure to enjoy this adventure to the fullest!