Best Italian Restaurants in Miami

Italian restaurants are renowned and praised for having such a variety of tastes. Their endless options make up distinct menus which have something for everyone. Italian cuisine is probably by far the most popular cuisine there is. Find out where you can get authentic Italian dishes in Miami, Florida.

What Makes a Good Italian Restaurant

Oddly enough, the best Italian cuisine can be stumbled upon outside of the Italian borders. So, let’s make it clear – a good Italian restaurant does not have to be in Italy.

Once we’ve settled that we can move on to more important factors. One of the key factors for successful restaurants is their menu. The menu has to be versatile, accommodating, and done professionally. Usually, the main chef would comprise a standard menu and have the kitchen staff prepare the most common meals effortlessly. These dishes should be the ones the restaurant is famous for.

Secondly, the service should be warm and welcoming. If you’ve ever been to Italy you’ll notice that the staff treats the guests as family. They joke around, they laugh a lot, and they make you feel at home. This is the usual atmosphere a traditional Italian restaurant should strive for.

The restaurant should be prepared to accommodate and meet the needs of people who have food restrictions. There should always be a vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free selection on the standard menu.

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These are just some of the pointers an Italian restaurant should have covered. Now here’s a list of the most popular and well-known Italian restaurant Miami has to offer.

Ironside Kitchen

This restaurant is known for its pizza. They follow the Neapolitan tradition of making pizza. Every pizza is prepared in a wood-fired oven. They use fresh and organic produce and they offer vegan and gluten-free options. They maintain a cozy family-friendly atmosphere. The only downside is that they don’t serve any alcoholic beverages.


Is a somewhat fancier option if you’re looking to wine and dine out on the town. They try to upkeep a traditional Italian place while being fashionable and modern. They offer both outdoor and indoor seating and some great happy-hour options. They have happy-hour for both food and drinks.

Red Carpet

This is another family-friendly restaurant which offers classic Italian dishes in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. They have an accommodating menu and offer some amazing specials.


This restaurant has a long tradition and a very original background story. The founders were brought together in a tragic sea escapade and daydreamed about the perfect pizza. Some time later their idea came to life with their fabulous restaurant Serafina. This place offers delicious specials which everyone praises. 

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NiDo Caffe

This Miami based restaurant is famous for their specialty – homemade mozzarella. They have been around for almost a decade and are proud of their tradition of “seizing the day”. They are all about the laid back and chill atmosphere which is very Italian of them. Their food is freshly prepared and they even offer catering services.