Best Team Building Activities You Can Do in Phoenix

Looking to bring in employee engagement and build a better working atmosphere? Work shouldn’t be bogging down your employees. Working in confined spaces could take its toll, and if you are looking to build a happier productive workplace, you need to take a look at enhancing team building activities. One of the easier ways to do it is to go in for team building activities. In fact, different studies state that team building exercises can help improve productivity in employees, ensuring improved productivity.

How Can Team Building Activities Help?

Team building activities are great fun, helping the teams bond competitively and emotionally. Team activities enforce a feeling of being united under pressure and delivering when the going gets tough. Teams work as a unit to achieve the end goal because that’s what matters in the end.

The Top Team Building Activities You Can do in Phoenix

Let us look at some activities that everyone will enjoy.

The CSR Cook-Off

Food brings people together. So why not teams? In this cook-off activity, the entire group divides themselves into smaller units. Each side gets a particular item to cook for an x number of people. Teams have their own tables, cutlery, kitchen utensils, aprons, chopping boards and ingredients which is present at the common counters.

They have to work against the clock and come up with delicious, well-presented dishes which help them win. How do we build a team and do good for the less needy?? Thousands of people including children go to sleep hungry every day. Corporate groups while team building can create food donation camps for these people. It not only brings people together for work but also for a more significant cause of giving back to your community.


Locked in a room, trying to get out??

Riddle escape room game is a quick thinking, brain-busting experience. First, you enter any of the rooms with your team. The door then locks behind you, starting the game with an hour to solve. Your team and you have to quickly sync up and coordinate to work through puzzles by studying clues before the clock stops ticking. The game offers great fun for people with different skill sets to come together on a common ground for escape. Do you have it in you to beat the target time? Or will you fail to make it out?

Treasure Hunts

Nostalgic? Treasure hunts have childhood memories of going on a wild goose chase to find the treasure with family and friends. Similarly, companies consider the treasure hunt an excellent way for a team to work together. There may be different formats for this. For example, a map-based puzzle. Mirror imaged basis the company’s goal; the treasure hunt involves collaborative task completion of opening the treasure-filled chest – i.e. the company’s end vision and purpose.

Small teams have their own set of clues. They have to solve the riddle, follow the map to discover their next evidence entangled in a puzzle. The reason this game is successful is that teams imbibe a competitive, collaborative and analytical bent of mind while keeping the team as a whole throughout.