Bone Protection as a Vegan

Your bones may seem stable and rigid to you, but the truth is that they are constantly changing just like every other part of your body. They are growing, breaking down, and rebuilding. However, for your bones to be able to rebuild themselves faster than they deteriorate, you need to provide your body with all the nutrients it needs. As that can be a bit more difficult on a vegan diet, here are a few ways in which you can protect your bones.

Eat more protein

Research has shown that vegans and vegetarians that eat enough protein-rich foods have a lower risk of bone fracture. So, it’s safe to say that protein is good for your bones. It can help your body absorb calcium better, and it can provide you with more energy in general. True, consuming too much protein can lead to increased acid production, but this is easily countered by eating lots of fruit and veggies, which you do already. So, make sure your diet includes lots of beans, peanuts, and other protein-rich veggies.

Get enough calcium

Needless to say, your bones need calcium in order to be healthy and grow. Unfortunately, many vegans don’t consume enough calcium, mainly because they don’t really know where to get all the calcium they need. Moreover, your body’s absorption of calcium varies depending on the source you provide it with. So, leafy greens are always great, as your body can absorb a lot of calcium from them. Beans and spinach, on the other hand, are not that great of a choice for calcium. Moreover, calcium-set tofu is a good choice, and almonds are a perfect snack if you’d like to add some calcium in between meals. Also, if you’re struggling with these foods, there are calcium-fortified juices too, and one cup per day should help you meet your needs.

Don’t drink too much

Heavy alcohol use can lead to many medical problems, one of which is low bone density. Additionally, there is also a great risk of falling and breaking your bones. So, although there is nothing wrong in drinking moderately and occasionally, there are more than a few reasons to avoid drinking too often and too much.

Get plenty of vitamins

Vitamins D and B12 are especially important for bone health. Vitamin D, for example, helps your body absorb calcium, and although you can get it from sun exposure, it’s rarely enough. Not to mention that sun exposure alone is not as healthy as it used to be considering the climate changes. There are other important factors as well, like clouds, sunscreen, your skin color, season, etc. So, you shouldn’t rely on the sun alone to provide you with enough Vitamin D. As there aren’t that many foods that are rich in this vitamin, though, it’s not a bad idea to spice up your diet with supplements. For example, you can find health food shop online and order supplements that are rich in these two vitamins as well as any other vitamin that you think your body might be missing.

Don’t forget to exercise

This is an advice that works for everybody, regardless of their diet, but it’s still important to mention. In order for your bones to be strong, you also need to have some muscle. So, don’t let yourself be a couch potato, and engage in physical activities that improve your strength. Moreover, since many bone fractures happen due to falls, consider engaging in activities that improve your balance as well. Don’t see this as an obligation though – there are many fun activities that can improve both your balance and your physique, like dancing or roller-skating. The bottom line is that no matter how healthy your diet is, you still need physical activity to be in good shape.

Being a vegan comes with many benefits, but there are also some challenges you need to tackle in order to maintain this kind of lifestyle. One of them is providing your body with everything it needs for you to stay strong and healthy for longer. So, stay active, add some supplements to your diet if needed, don’t drink too much, and you should have no trouble staying strong and healthy.