Difference Between Boxycharm and Boxyluxe

Are you a BoxyCharm subscriber, and yet to upgrade to the BoxyLuxe subscription? You may not understand what to expect after the subscription. If this is your case, you are wasting an opportunity to experiencing best services that associate with “BoxyLuxe.”

Therefore, you need to upgrade your subscription today. To help you do this, you will need to understand what we mean by the term BoxyLuxe. It is also important that we shall look at what differences does it express from the original BoxyCharm. Most of this information is available in different boxycharm reviews.

What does BoxyLuxe Refer?

When you subscribe to BoxyLuxe, you subscribe to an expansion of your pack. The subscription comes with some extra benefits.

What extra expectation associates with BoxyLuxe?

BoxyLuxe comes with extra advantages that you can never experience with the regular BoxyCharm subscription. First, with the original BoxyCharm subscription, you will only receive 4-6 items in each pack. However, this is not the case with the BoxyLuxe subscription.

Here, you will receive a quarterly box that is two times larger than the one you used to in the past. The table will have in it up to ten items. And remember, all these come with a total value of approximately $300.
Also, BoxyLuxe has extra additional care for your skin something you don’t get to experience in the BoxyCharm subscription. It also comes with unique lifestyle products.

Differences in Cost

In cost matters, BoxyLuxe will come with extra charges for the additional services. Let’s look at the two cases;

1. BoxyCharm Subscribers

When you are a BoxyCharm subscriber, you are only needed to pay a total cost of USD 21 with USD 5 extra cost of shipment to Canada if you reside there.

2. BoxyLuxe Subscribers

As a BoxyLuxe subscriber, you will be required to pay $28.99 on top of the BoxyCharm Subscription. The amount will total to USD 49.99. You will be required to pay this amount every three months. However, this is exclusive of the shipping prices. In the comparison of the two, it is evident that, if we include the costs when the price for the BoxyLuxe, there will be no significant difference.

Summary of the Features of BoxyLuxe

Some things that associate with BoxyLuxe which include;

• BoxyLuxe will only be accessible by Boxy Charm subscribers only.

• After subscribing to BoxyLuxe, all subscribers get served with one two times bigger box after every three months. The box contains it all that you need.

• It is possible that you can cancel your upgrade subscription and reverse back to regular BoxyCharm subscription. You can do this if your new subscription cannot suit your needs. Therefore, you need not worry about what to do if it does not work for you.

• You will also get all revealed sneak-peaks through different social media platforms. These sneak-peaks will contain in all the BoxyLuxe boxes.

• As a BoxyLuxe Subscriber, you will receive the Sneak-peaks in addition to Luxe items.

• The big Luxe box will hold in it ten full-size items.

The above is everything that you need to know about BoxyLuxe. From all these information, it is clear that the extra cost associated with BoxyLuxe is worth.

Consider to upgrade your subscription today and enjoy the extra benefits. And as seen from the above discussion, you need to worry about the subscription. You can always reverse back your subscription to regular. The option is always available whenever you are not pleased with the BoxyLuxe subscriptions.