Everything You Need to Host a Virtual Birthday Party (Adult-Only)

Our whole lives and worlds changed when the pandemic started. We had to learn how to finish school online, how to work remotely, how to drink coffee with friends via skype, and many other things. While we are all aware this is all designed for our safety, most of us miss gatherings and birthday parties, so this time, we are talking about ways you can try it during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Find the best platform 

Before you even start with planning, make sure you choose the right platform and learn how it works, so that everything goes smoothly. Zoom is the commonest one used right now, but you can also try group skype, or messenger chats if you have a connection that’s stable enough. You should be in a room with not much noise and good lighting if you want everything to be perfect. Set up everything before the call, so your hands can be free, and you can relax while online. 

Virtual Birthday Party

Prepping the gifts 

Online shopping is something that has reached its peak during the pandemic as well. And what better way to use it than getting a birthday present online, and having it delivered to their house on the day. If you want to bring a bit more laughter and fun into it, you can try an online adult shop and unwrap the presents while everybody is present. Or create a guessing game, and see who has the best imagination and creativity. 

Make some rules and stick to them 

It is easier to maintain a conversation in person, but for online purposes, you are going to have to create some rules. You should all make sure you are in a quiet place without any distractions because you want to be present. Choose a time that works for everybody. You can take turns and play some light background music if possible. Make arrangements about food and drinks, and this way you will have a feeling you are together. Since it is centered around adults, why not add some decor to your alcoholic beverages, and have a fun, interesting night. 

Virtual Birthday Party

How to create the birthday atmosphere online

You want to feel like it’s someone’s birthday, even if it is online. What you can do is put some decoration behind you, like a Happy Birthday banner, some balloons, or anything similar. You can previously choose a dress code, and get into your fancy clothes. Instead of everyone buying cake, or whatever, you can all get muffins, and the birthday girl or guy can blow out the candles. At 12 AM, you can all sing the birthday song, and this is a great moment to make a video, so you have it as a cute memory. Since you can’t have a group photo, you can all make the same face, use the same hat, glasses, or anything similar and make a collage of your photos. It is not as good as being together, but it surely shows the strength of your friendship, especially during these times. 

Try some games 

If you get bored of just talking, there are many online games you can try with your friends remotely. Guessing games, trivia, cards against humanity, truth or dare, and many others are there to ensure you laugh, have a great time, and help you feel more positive. 

We agree that hosting an online birthday party is not the same as being together. However, during these times, it is a great alternative you can try, and with the help of our few tips, we are sure you won’t feel as far away from each other.