Experience the Versatility of Queensland by Visiting These 6 Places

When it’s time to enjoy their long-awaited time off from work, many people choose to travel to Australia and spend it there. This country is certainly abundant with beautiful states. Queensland is one of these beauties, and those who have visited it tend to talk about the positive experiences they had there. No matter if you like cities with rich nightlife, relaxing at amazing beaches, enjoying modern buildings, visiting important sites – this state offers all of that and so much more. If it’s your first time going there, you should know which places are the most worth seeing.

The Gold Coast

When you see the long sandy beaches and crystal water as soon as you visit the Gold Coast, you will feel like staying here forever. A lot of fun activities are waiting for you here, and if you do not mind big crowds, there are some theme parks and hiking trails you can visit. How does swimming with dolphins and whale watching sound to you? And after you get tired and are in search of a great meal and a place to rest a little bit, there are plenty of remarkable restaurants and shopping places.

The Great Barrier Reef

We are not just talking about the largest coral reef in the world, but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, many water sports and activities can amuse you, such as scuba diving and snorkeling. The ocean life is rich and the beauty of this place is praiseworthy. You can enjoy exciting boat rides or hot air balloon tours, which are available as well.

Brisbane and its culture

You can definitely expect a lot from the third biggest city in Australia. If you want an adventurous and once-in-a-lifetime experience, visit the Koala sanctuary. Those who are big nature enthusiasts and animal lovers will appreciate it the most, especially after having an opportunity to cuddle and pet a koala. Alongside this, there are many museums and gardens, some of them being the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art, Cultural Precinct and Botanic garden. When in this big city, feel free to check out the cheap car hire at Brisbane airport. You can get the most out of this destination if you have a car. If you are lucky, you will bump into some generous discounts. They offer them for newlyweds and certain car models.

Australia Zoo

Are you audacious enough to pet an exotic animal like an alligator? If you feel bold and daring, maybe you will love the Australia Zoo, a place where you will be able to spend time with a lot of incredible creatures. You can find kangaroos, koalas, and dingoes there and try hand-feeding a tortoise or a koala, as well as petting a tiger.


Surfer’s paradise

If you are a party animal and someone who prefers lively places, nothing will suit you better than this one. The nightlife is rich, so here you can meet people who like the same things as you do, like partying and going out. Invite those you like to dinner, for there are many praiseworthy restaurants here as well, or you can surf with your friends, after you check out Dracula’s Haunted House and Hard Rock Café, which are famous here.

Fraser Island

Drive around the world’s largest sand island alone or together with your significant other, friends or family. Driving along the beach up to the Maheno Shipwreck stop can be so thrilling, especially when it is combined with looking for wildlife on the way. When you have to take a break from driving, you can freshen up in the crystal-clear water, after exploring the rain forest leading you to a creek.

Queensland is happy to give us these six places and we are happy to explore them when we have an opportunity. Depending on what you find the most appealing, pick the destination where you will spend the most time. As you can see, everything is included – from a rich nightlife to perfect places for those who are huge animal lovers. You can also enjoy long rides while looking at and taking delight in the beauties of this amazing state.