First Time at a Club? Tips & Truths for Party Girls

You are a girl who is about to have her first clubbing experience, so it is completely normal you are feeling both exuberant and nervous, and at the same time you aren’t sure what to expect. Luckily for all of us, today we have the Internet, and we can find out any information that we need, even what to do for your first time at a club! So, from how to act to what to wear, this is where you can read about everything you need to know concerning this topic in order to have a marvelous time!

Don’t forget your ID

To begin with, if you aren’t of legal drinking age, don’t even think about going. If you’re old enough, bring your ID to prove it, because most of them won’t let you get in otherwise. You need to show them how old you are, especially if you look younger than you are. 

Party Girls

Choose your outfit smartly

Obviously, you want to look as attractive as possible and you want to turn some heads, but be careful when choosing your outfit because you shouldn’t even consider anything too revealing and provocative. You might also want to think about some cool and nice-looking women’s dancewear, since you will probably dance a lot, so you want to feel comfy enough during the process. 

Bring at least one trustworthy friend

Going alone, especially if you are a young girl is a really terrible idea. Don’t do that, so bring at least one friend you can trust. It would be ideal if more friends came with you, so that you can all stick together. It is a much safer option than being there all by yourself.

Don’t drive if you plan to drink 

Drinking and driving is illegal, and you don’t want to be caught in a situation like this because it’s not just embarrassing, but they can also take your license away. If you plan to drink, don’t go by car, or find someone who will drive you and who is not going to drink alcohol. It should be someone reliable.

Party Girls

Keep an eye on your drink

This is a very important piece of information! Whatever you do, don’t leave your drinks without anybody keeping an eye on them, because you never know what might happen. Drugs are illegal, but there are people who still manage to smuggle them in, and they can put them in your drink. At least one person you know should be where the drinks are. Also, if you need to go to the restroom and there’s no one to watch for your drink, just order another one after you come back.  

Mind your belongings 

Be conscious about the things you bring with you and know that no matter how fancy the club is, there still might be thieves there. In fact, the bigger the place, the more you should pay attention to your stuff. Act like with the drinks – keep an eye on your items. 

Avoid people looking shady  

If anyone tries to offer you something and they look shady, stay away from them. Go far from them and stick to your group. Don’t trust anyone and keep in mind that some people are just malicious. Even if some cute guy offers to buy you a drink, be careful. Watch his every move, because you don’t want anyone to put something in your drink. 

Don’t start fights 

Well, girls are not expected to start fights as much as boys, but it does happen sometimes. Avoid people who look aggressive, because a fight can ruin your whole experience. They can either throw you out, or even worse, you can get hurt. Don’t get drunk if you tend to get violent when you do. 

Don’t give personal info easily 

Last but definitely not least, you know better than to give your personal information to strangers. You never know people’s true intentions, and unfortunately, there are people who don’t mean us good. If someone gives you compliments, don’t be naïve and believe everything they say. You may be beautiful, but that doesn’t mean all people are harmless. 

All these things are crucial to know if you are going out to a club for the first time. Trust no one, keep an eye on what’s yours and don’t drink if you plan to drive – these are the pillars of clubbing, if you only want great experiences. Lastly, remember to relax and dance, enjoying with your friends as much as possible.