How to Achieve a Gorgeous Glow on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding is one of – if not the single – most important day of your life, and you want to make sure that you look and feel your very best for the big day. Yes, being engaged is fun and exciting, but the time flies by and, before you can blink, you’ll find yourself stressing out about the most trivial things like not having your nails done on time, not having your favorite makeup artist in town, or not getting the dress you dreamed of your whole life. This is why it’s important to plan well in advance. Below, we’ve listed the most important steps to take in order to achieve a gorgeous glow for the moment you say “I do.”

Begin with the skin

If you want to achieve a gorgeous radiance on your wedding day, you need to start working on your skin glow. In addition to your regular facial routine, use facial care products for special treatments such as deep pore cleansing and chemical peels. Depending on how much your wedding dress will cover, you might also want to try a few self-tanning options well ahead of your big day, as this way you won’t risk any unexpected surprises or sunburns.

Choose your wedding dress on time

The wedding gown is the centerpiece of the wedding ceremony and therefore needs to be absolutely perfect and in accordance with your personality, body, and taste. This is why you need to do thorough research and brainstorm in advance. Pick a style you’re interested and don’t forget that you’re not limited just to standard wedding gowns. You can browse both classic wedding dresses and beautiful formal dresses online before making a final decision; just make sure to do it well ahead of your big day so that you have enough time to make the necessary adjustments and choose the right shoes and accessories.

Fitness routine
If you want to tone up before the wedding or lose those extra pounds, you need to set a clear goal as soon as possible and stick to a routine that will get you the desired results. The most important is to never forget that no matter how intense your workout regimen is, it will get you nowhere unless you change your eating habits as well. Cutting down on salt, sugar, and processed and junk foods will not only help you stay fit but will also have a positive effect on your mental wellbeing and keep you energized and ready for your big day. In addition to a fridge makeover and a balanced diet, staying hydrated is the most underrated beauty and fitness secret. By drinking more water, you also flush out all the unwanted toxins, leaving your skin fresh and giving it a healthy glow.

Hair style and make up

Most brides-to-be dream of having long, luscious, and romantic locks on their wedding day, so if you’re one of those – start growing out your hair as soon as possible. Also, meet your hair stylist months before you walk down the aisle to discuss and try out different styles until you decide on the ideal look. This also applies to makeup trials. Meet different makeup artists and experiment with different looks, take them out on the town to see how it photographs, and make sure that you’re comfortable.


And finally, if you want to be glowing on the happiest day of your life, you need to invest in your smile. Of course, we don’t have to tell you to practice smiling, since it’s probably been lingering since the moment you said “Yes” to your fiancé. However, if you’re not blessed with shiny white teeth but want to look perfect in your close-up wedding photos, try out some homemade remedies or one of the many easy procedures aimed at whitening teeth.

The countdown to the big day has officially begun, and your main job is to be the star of the event, alongside the love of your life. So it’s time to get to work, because achieving that glamorous once-in-a-lifetime wedding glow is not as simple as it may seem. Follow the steps we shared above and get ready for the spotlight!