How to Choose the Best Shoes for the Bride

Putting together the perfect bridal look is a complex process that takes so many different elements and combines them into one perfect outfit. There are a lot of different ways a bridal look can go and one of the defining moments can be the shoes. They can be the first thing you get and the thing you build the whole look around, but they can also be the thing that compliments everything else you choose. No matter what order you go in, here are the rules that you need to follow to make sure you have the best shoes:

Be comfortable


No shoe will ever be beautiful enough to justify being uncomfortable on your wedding day. You aren’t just going to be walking down the aisle, you need to spend the whole night dancing and having fun – and we all know that a tight pair of shoes hurts even if you’re sitting down. But the shoes being the right fit is just one part of feeling comfortable in them. If you aren’t someone who regularly walks in heels, you might not feel that great spending the day in them. Remember that heels are not your only option and that you can be dressy and polished in flats or kitten heels as well.

Choose the star


You can’t have multiple pieces of your outfit be the stars of the show. If there are things competing for attention, it will bring down the entire look. So, you have to first decide what you want the star of your look to be. If it’s the dress or the veil, then your shoes need to compliment them and not take the attention away. But if you find a pair of showstopping colored heels and you really want to make them the focal point, then you have to take them to all of your dress fittings and make sure that the dress showcases them without overpowering them. The same goes for the veil as well as all the accessories.

Consider multiple pairs

If you are going to wear one outfit for the ceremony and another outfit for the party, it makes perfect sense that you would have two pairs of shoes to match both outfits. But even if you are wearing the same dress, you can still swap out your shoes when you hit the dance floor if you want to make sure you’ll be able to stay on your feet for the night. Just because you are switching over to flats or to lower heels doesn’t mean your shoes need to be less dressy. You can even make it a choice to have two pairs that look nearly identical, but one is heels and other flats – thought these would most likely need to be custom made.

Show some spirit

Shoes are probably the easiest way to show some of your personality. If you have a traditional gown on, the shoes will probably just be peeking out sporadically instead of being on display all the time, which makes them a perfect candidate. You can show your punk side and wear a pair of Converse or your quirky side and wear something with a crazy print. You can even take a regular white bridal shoe and have all of your best friends write messages in black sharpie all over them, giving you not only an awesome shoe, but a beautiful keepsake.


Your shoes can very well be the foundation of your outfit and you don’t want to leave them as an afterthought. And while you might end up with your shoes under the table kicking it barefoot on the dancefloor, you still need to go through most of the day with shoes on – so choose wisely.