How to Create a Party Friendly Home

If you’ve always been a work-hard-play-hard type of person, but, with age, the changes in your lifestyle have forced you to slow down a bit, there is still a way for you to stay socially active and enjoy life to the fullest. In fact, if you like having people over and organizing parties, why not let your home reflect that? After all, it’s the one place in the world you should feel most comfortable in, and sharing that with your friends should make it all the more fun and exciting. Here are some interesting ways to make your home party friendly.

Backyard party

In case your home has a nice, big backyard, not throwing a party in it now and then would be a crying shame, and even more so if you have a swimming pool out there. However, if there’s no swimming pool and getting one is out of your price range, that’s completely fine. Sprucing your backyard up, cutting the grass regularly, trimming any bushes you have and doing your gardening regularly is a great place to start. Also, you should consider building a patio with some waterproof shade sails to protect you from the sun and the rain. After you build the patio, make sure you find the right kind of outdoor furniture. It should be sturdy and lasting, as well as easily maintained, and you can use colorful cushions, potted flowers and hanging lanterns to decorate the furniture and the space around it. Other things any backyard party would benefit from definitely include a barbecue and a good sound system, so that you and your friends can enjoy fresh air and tasty food with some of your favorite music in the background. The final touch would be the right kind of lighting to set the exact mood you’re aiming for, and your party is bound to be a success.

home party

Movie night party

You’re a huge fan of the cinema, but you want to make it more intimate and carefully choose the people you watch the latest movies with? Organizing a movie night party at your home is what you really want, and in order to do it, you should create a home theatre. First you should choose an adequate room in your home. A basement you aren’t really using would be perfect, and your backyard allows it, perhaps you could even build a garden house for this purpose. Once you find the perfect space for your home theatre, you can get down to picking the TV and the seating for it. Mind you, if you aren’t an expert, you should hire somebody to take all the measurements and let you know how big the TV should be and how far from it should the seats be placed. Furthermore, you should definitely get professional TV installation and maybe some good advice about the overall design of your home theatre, too. This might seem like a pricey investment, but don’t forget it can add significant market value to your home. Plus, why work so hard if you won’t revel in the benefits of it from time to time? Once your home theatre is all set, just make some popcorn and have your friends over for a mind-blowing movie night.

home party

Dinner party

If your vision of entertaining includes your friends around a huge dinner table, with several delicious food courses, then a classic dinner party is what you should go for. This is something you should bear in mind when decorating your home in the first place. One good suggestion is to create an open plan kitchen and dining room, so that you can get some extra space for both, and so that you can communicate with your guests while still preparing the amazing meals you want to serve them. When furnishing your dining room, you should opt for a quality table of a proper size and enough chairs to fit all your friends. Also, you should pay special attention to the lighting fixtures in your kitchen and your living room, since they are often the ones which set the atmosphere to the room and your party. If there’s a kitchen island between your kitchen and your dining room, some wine racks above it will serve a lovely decorative purpose, but also keep the wine close when you want to serve it to your guests. If not, you can mount a custom-made wine rack on one of the walls, to include enough place to hang your wine glasses as well. And with good wine, mouth-watering food and great company, you’ll love each dinner party you organize.

No matter what kind of party you prefer, you can adjust your home to your needs and have a good time there whenever you decide to.