How to Manage a Remote Team

With the emergence of digital entrepreneurs, the role of remote workers has increased quite a lot. And with so many options online, finding remote employees for your business is easy but managing your remote team is an entirely different story. How do you ensure they’ve completely understood what their task is? And how do you keep them motivated to get more work done? Here are a few tips that’ll help you answer these questions and become better at managing your team from anywhere in the world.

Be transparent

When managing a remote team, one of the most difficult tasks you have is getting your team members to open up and get to know each other. And there’s no need to say that they’ll be more productive when working with people they’re friends with. The best way to ensure your remote workers are comfortable working together is to lead by example. Talk to your remote workers, ask them for their opinions and let them resonate with your objectives. Just make sure you sometimes discuss topics other than work. When it comes to communicating with your remote team, virtual meetings can come in handy.

Organize your work

A proper work organization is what helps a business operate efficiently. If you want to create a good work structure in your company, knowing how to keep everyone in your remote team on the same page is a must. It’s up to you to create procedures and implement project management systems. Moreover, it’s your task to come up with rules regarding your employees’ work and share them with everyone. The most important thing to do is to decide on the way your team will communicate. For instance, you can opt for email communication or invest in a collaboration tool.

Hold meetings

We mentioned earlier how virtual meetings can help you ensure everyone in your remote team enjoys working together. While holding these is an amazing idea, it’s also recommended that you meet your remote workers in person every once in a while. That should help you connect with your team members and encourage them to stick to your company long term. And since you’ll need a place where you can meet your workers and keep office resources, managing your remote team from a quality coworking space is recommended. As your company grows, you can have some of your employees work from a shared office as well.

Create a strong company culture

Just because you’re managing a remote team, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a company culture. In fact, doing so is something you need to consider if you want your business to grow. The only way to do this is to get everyone involved as much as possible. Keep your team members informed about the company’s goals and listen to their ideas for reaching those goals. On top of this, you need to know how to value everyone’s talents and make them feel appreciated. Including every employee’s photo and bio into your company’s website is guaranteed to do the trick.

Embrace the Cloud

No matter what kind of work you do, there are always important files that everyone in your team can access. Emailing those files could work but it’s actually a sloppy option. It spams everyone’s inboxes and you’re never sure you’ve got the latest version of the file you need. Luckily, the Cloud technology keeps gaining more attention and you should think about using it for file-sharing. You can do most of your work using Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Docs. Using one of these also helps create consistency and will help your remote team work like a well-oiled machine.

Final thoughts

Remote teams are becoming a thing and there’s no doubt we’ll see a lot more of these in the next couple of years. Depending on what your company does, managing hiring remote workers and learning how to manage them can make a lot of sense. Just don’t forget that being in charge of a remote team isn’t easy. But with the five tips we covered in this post, you should be able to create a group of loyal and productive remote employees who’ll want to help your company grow.