How to Save Money on Wedding Catering

Weddings are a billion-dollar industry. The whole organization including a wedding band, catering, decorations and clothing costs way too much, which is why more and more couples are trying to find ways to cut the costs. This time, we are going to talk about saving on one of the most important aspects of a wedding, which is catering. However, we think you will love these options that allow you to save some money and have delicious food.

Consider a buffet style


 One way that can help you significantly cut costs is to opt for a buffet. You can accommodate this to fit any type of wedding, regardless of the venue and the theme. Start planning earlier to plan the whole menu and know exactly what you want and need. With a buffet type of serving, you can have less food for the same amount of people, plus the variety of food means that you can have less of it and be sure no one will be hungry. Get creative with the menu, décor and versatility, and your wedding buffet will be rich and tasty.

Explore and ask around

Not settling for the first option is very important. If you decide to hire a catering company, you should explore as much as you can because it increases the chances of finding a budget-friendly one. You can look for quality catering in Sydney or any other big city because they have multiple options where you can create the perfect menu according to your budget and have delicious food on beautiful, elegant serving plates. 

Include yourself as well

After you are done with the basic elements of your wedding preparation, like registering, buying the dress and booking the venue, you can find other easy solutions to save some money when it comes to food. One such thing is to make your own appetizers. They are easy to make, and with a maximum of 10 different ingredients, you can make various delicious appetizers your guests will love. Look for recipes online and delegate the work to your entire family, which can even be a fun joint activity to do. Another idea is to bring your own dishes and silverware since they can be overpriced if your caterer provides them. Instead, try renting them and decorating everything how you wish, which can, again, be more economical.

Get creative

Your wedding menu does not have to be fancy and expensive to be delicious. If you know that your guests will like it, look past the traditional menu that includes hors d’oeuvres, salads, main course and dessert, and serve whatever you want. Steamed vegetables, meat rolls, casseroles, different salads from fresh, seasonal vegetables are some of the budget-friendly food options are some things you can look into.

Organization of the staff


A part of the catering is, of course, paying the servers and waiters and bartenders. You can ask if there is any chance of lowering the number of the staff, or a more probable solution to have a station for appetizers and drinks so that your guests can get them themselves, and have the waiters serve the main course and dessert only. This shortens their work time, which means you will pay less.

Informal wedding style

If your wedding happens to be a bit less formal and you have fewer people, you can serve the food like you would on any other gathering. Instead of everyone getting a plate with their portions, you can serve the food on bigger plates and have the guests pass them around the table. This way you can serve whichever food you like and have the waiters there for just a few hours. Just put some effort into the decoration, and your guests will definitely love it, and the intimate, relaxed atmosphere too. 

Cutting down on catering costs does not mean it can’t still be very elegant, beautiful and delicious. Good organization and planning, together with finding a good caterer are more than enough to have the food everyone will love.