How to Wake up Your Feminine Side

Ever thought about how we are capable to express both our feminine and masculine sides through our bodies? It’s important that we feel good about the body we have and the same stands for recognizing and embracing our feminine side. Femininity is something that comes in various shapes and forms and it can vary from one person to another. Nowadays, in this fast-moving everyday life, it’s worth remembering to think about our identity, the way we see ourselves and what we show to the world. So, let’s take a look at the ways of getting in touch with your feminine side and making sure you nurture it well. 

Make space for nurturing yourself

In this day and age, it has become almost normal for a woman to be the multipractic or simply – a superwoman. In order to let your femininity glow, you can organize your day so that in the end you don’t end up doing everything on your own. It’s okay to let others help you or even do something for you. With practicing that, you are allowing yourself to take some time for yourself, to have a “day off”, to put your phone on mute and do whatever you feel like doing! It can be a girls’ night out, getting your nails done or taking a warm bath with a glass of wine. Let yourself enjoy the moment and experience a day without making plans in advance.  

Move your body

Ether in your privacy, at a party or at a dancing class, let your body move! Feeling good physically means engaging in any physical activity, from dance to yoga or just a casual jog. Allow your body to feel the rhythm of your favorite music. It’s a way to make space for your body and soul to connect. Even if you don’t feel like a “dance person”, let your body move freely, just close your eyes and breathe deeply! You will be amazed at the movement your body can produce when you let it dance!  

Dress up to feel your best

Dressing choices can encourage femininity to shine. Our appearance is always connected to the way we feel. So, waking up your feminine side means wearing clothes which make you feel most comfortable in your own body. We all love to go shopping for clothes. Buying clothes can be an activity which will definitely put you into thinking about the clothing style you enjoy wearing the most and the ones that make your feminine side glow. With a variety of high-quality outfits you can find in any online fashion boutique, it’s easier than ever to think up new dressing combinations without even leaving your house! 

Educate yourself 

Femininity can be embraced by just reading a well-written novel with a feminine plot or by watching an overwhelming movie. It is not just about the short-term good feeling that we get from those fictional stories, but also about getting to know what triggers your emotions and what thoughts or life events you have in common with characters from those stories. In short, it’s about getting to know yourself better. By learning about femininity, we are giving ourselves a chance to recognize the feminine side in our own attitude and behavior. By doing that, we can learn how to embrace it.

Confidence is key

It might sound like a cliché, but feeling good in your own skin, appreciating your assets and accepting your flaws is a path to gaining confidence. If you learn how to honor your body and soul you will also understand how to make space for your femininity to be expressed. Let yourself accept compliments related to your feminine qualities, both physical and character related and use it as your strength. Gaining confidence is a process, but understanding the importance of practicing it is a step forward to completely feeling good in your own presence.  

Don’t forget that, as a woman, you deserve to feel confident in your own body. By embracing your feminine side and making it a routine, you are allowing yourself to freely express your true self. So, find your favorite way to express the feminine side and remember to do it often!