Long Island Bacon Bash

Bacon is a great breakfast meal indeed. It is preferred by countless households throughout America. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that it has a bash that is exclusively dedicated to it. The City of New York understands this only too well. This is why it holds an event that is geared towards the commemoration of the said event on an annual basis. This is the Long Island Bacon Bash.

Purpose and Periodicity

Purpose and PeriodicityLong Island Bacon BashThis particular bash is held once a year. This happens sometime in the month of November. It is basically intended to give the lovers of bacon an opportunity to interact and enjoy their bacon while partying in the company of others.


Apart from bacon, the party also makes use of beers from around the region as well as other snacks that contain some bacon in it. Examples of these include the bacon cheese quesadillas, bacon-infused beer, bacon-filled wontons, bacon bit toppings for ice cream, and apple bacon puffs.

Purpose and Periodicity



Just like any other social event, the bash attracts numerous followers throughout the nation and abroad. To cater to these fans that would otherwise not make it to the event, the proceedings are broadcast to the wider public. The JVC Broadcasting Incorporated does this so well. It is based in the Long Island area and has five affiliate stations through which it conveys to the proceedings.

Admissions and Charges

Admissions to the event are absolutely free. However, visitors are expected to purchase the foods on their own. The snacks cost somewhere between $4 and $9. The costs are very affordable to any would-be visitor. Some of the menus visitors may look up to are Bacon Pizza, Bacon Apple Puffs, Nutella and Bacon Crepe, Bacon Bowl, Loaded Bacon Cheesedog, and indeed, more besides!

Booking and Reservations

To attend the upcoming event, you have to make reservations in advance. To do this, you have to pay a visit to our website https://pennysaveramp.com/cevent/long-island-bacon-bash/. You will be able to register absolutely free-of-charge and book your sport. You will thereafter have to make your own arrangements for transport and accommodation.

Closing Remarks

You do not have to attend the upcoming event personally though. This is especially the case if you do not have the time or the means to pay a physical visit. However, you only have to visit this blog on the stated time for an update on the progress of the said events. You may also leverage the radio channels stated above.