Planning a Kid’s Birthday Party

As much as planning your kid’s birthday party is a happy, fun and exciting occasion, it also takes some planning and organisation to get everything right and ensure the kids have a blast. 

Even on a lower budget, your party can turn out to be memorable so keep on reading the following tips to learn a few tricks.

Plan the budget

A big part of success is in planning the budget. It will help you get organised better and allow you a clear picture of what birthday options you can afford. Determine your total and stick to it but don’t stress if it’s low. There are creative and inexpensive ways you can organise an excellent party where everyone will be satisfied and entertained.

Get your kid involved

With a clear budget, you can start browsing through available birthday options but make sure you involve your birthday boy or girl. With their suggestions, the party will be more original and personal. Just ask for suggestions and not the whole plan as you might not be able to grant all their wishes and disappoint them. 

Also, include the kid in the preparation process, from going shopping for decorations to blowing up the balloons decorating the rooms and backyard, to sending invitations and creating personalized name labels for all their friends. The last one is a nifty trick so that you or your professional entertainer can address the kids by their names when the fun and games start.

Birthday Party

Send out the invites

To avoid any potential disappointment regarding guests, send out the invitations at least 2 weeks before your kid’s party. Don’t leave it at the last minute and ask your guests to RSVP so that you know how many people to expect. It’s a big difference between organising a party for 8 and 28 kids!

Also, make sure you find out if any of your little guests have food allergies or special dietary requirements so you can prepare for that as well.

Take care of the food and cake

The food and snacks for kids’ birthday parties should typically be fun, in small sizes and possibly arranged creatively to attract the kids’ attention. Keep it in bite-size so it’s easily grabbed by small hands and eaten on the go. This could be small sandwiches, mini burgers, mini pizzas and sliced fruits. 

The size of the birthday cake will depend on the number of guests but the taste, decoration and icing are totally up to your kid. Let them decide if it’ll be a chocolate and vanilla cake or their favourite fruit flavour, and what picture or decorative figurines it will have. If ordering a cake is too expensive, there are great recipes for home-made cakes and the chances are that your kid will love more the one you made. Just make sure you buy candles so your kid can make a birthday wish!

Birthday Party

Pick a theme

An essential part of party planning is deciding on the theme. Consult your kid and make sure you understand what they love so all the party supplies and decorations match their wishes. Try to do all the shopping in one place so that the decoration and cups and plates all match.

Have games ready

Kids usually have a short attention span and get bored easily so to make the party more interactive and fun, plan various games. it could be a scavenger hunt for “gold nuggets” (spray-painted rocks), pinning the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, quizzes, charades, hot potato, freeze dance or keep-up-the-balloon. 

If you have a bigger budget, consider hiring a party animator or a magician, or take the kids to the local bowling alley, mini-golf course or the cinema.

Prepare goodie bags or party favours

Seeing your guests off with a goodie bag is a great way of thanking them for coming but they don’t have to be big and expensive. You can include anything from small toys, trinkets such as pens and scented rubbers, candy from the piñata and lovely hand-made cards.