Post-Grad Adventure – Let’s Get Tropical on the Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands are a destination on everyone’s bucket list and there’s a reason why that’s the case. They are right in the middle of the Pacific and the archipelago has something to offer to every kind of tourist out there. Post-grads looking for adventure will certainly be able to find it in Fiji, but if you plan your holiday right, there will still be time to experience local culture in a direct and intimate way and make memories to last a lifetime.


Mamanuca islands will let you experience Fiji topography in a way you didn’t know possible. It’s where the helicopter tour starts and you haven’t really experienced the archipelago until you’ve seen it from above. One of the islands on your path will be a Monuriki that was the setting for Tom Hanks’s Castaway. The islands could also be explored from the ground by taking a day cruise, hopping from one island to the other. Each of the islands has something unique to offer, ranging from romantic settings to adventure and water sports.

Vanua Levu

It’s the second largest island of the archipelago and it can be accessed via a short flight from Nadi. It provides a different ambiance from most of the Islands of Mamanuca. The island is more rural, providing a glimpse into the lives of the locals you wouldn’t get otherwise and the resorts are more private and secluded. Take at least a day to experience Fiji from this perspective as well since you’ll never forget it once you do. There, you can take part in the gift-giving ceremony, followed by traditional Kava drinking and taking part in the local dance ceremony.

Nacula Island

One of the great things about Schoolies 2020 grad trips is that you get to choose your own adventure during the trip. Once you get tired of beach parties and water sports (and you will after a couple of days), the secluded Nacula Islands will provide an interesting contrast. The islands also have four different native villages you could visit and meet the locals. Tourists usually visit the islands for its location which is great for snorkeling and its pristine and peaceful beaches. It’s an island to visit when you plan to get away from the noise for a while.


Fiji is considered to be the soft coral capital of the world and Beqa is the place to see if you want to know why that’s the case. It’s an island with over 100 diving location, almost all of which aren’t that far from the shore when you take a boat ride. Besides those who are interested in water sports, Beqa also hosts tourist that come for the local custom of fire walking. Local Sawau tribe performs the ritual of walking over burning embers and gives a glimpse into their ancient and rather unique culture. 

Tavenui Island

Tavenui Island, located just south of Vanua Levu’s east coast is often called Fiji’s Garden of Eden. This is fitting since more than 80 percent of the Island is a protected national heritage park. Hiking through the island is, therefore, its main attraction since it allows you to get to know its natural wonders up close and personal. The key attraction is probably the Tavoro waterfalls, featuring a 60 feet tall waterfall that’s easily accessible and that cascades into an emerald pool. This and many other natural waterslides are a great place to rest and snap a few photos after a long day of hiking through prehistoric ferns and rare orchids.

Fiji islands are a great place to spend a summer vacation because they provide something for all kinds of tourists – from parties and active vacationing to serene beaches and local culture.