Productivity Tips for Freelance Bloggers

Working from home comes with many benefits. Eating when you want, wearing what you like, texting friends, cleaning and completing errands on time, being at home with partner or family, while still doing your job. You never have to travel to a job or battle with traffic. However, these same benefits can become problems and make it difficult for you to finish your work.

It is hard to maintain high productivity in many of those cases. People chatting around you, you mix what you write and hear constantly and generally have a hard time concentrating. But, this can be avoided. You have to work smarter, not harder. If you’re struggling to create for yourself a production schedule as a freelance blogger, consider some of the next tips.

Train, and Then Train Some More

Sitting all day lowers your immune response, hurts your spine, neck, and shoulders, makes you lose any muscle you have and generally wrecks your whole body. But, more importantly, it also impacts your alertness, concentration, productivity, intelligence, memory, and many other mental capabilities. The brain and the body are very much interconnected regarding movement. Our brains evolved to enable acquisition of food while moving through a complex environment. In other words, the individuals who moved better were also smarter and found more food.

When sitting all day long, you lower all your cognitive abilities, especially alertness and concentration. To this end, train a least three to five times a week. Find that time, and don’t make excuses. Mix the gym and running together for best results. In the long run, your body will function much better, especially the brain and heart, which will boost your efficiency and make you feel more alert and motivated.

Healthy Nutrition

Sugars and unhealthy food make you feel drowsy and tired. The human brain and its unique capabilities of spatial navigation, sociality, creativity, and decision-making evolved to enable success in food acquisition. Overconsumption of energy-rich foods has a negative impact on cognition.

Trash food causes fatigue and makes you feel like not quite yourself. Cut out snacking and only eat two or three times a day. Try some healthy diets like Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Paleo, Vegan or Vegetarian.

Eating healthy will enhance your mental capabilities both in short and long-term and will also compliment your overall training efforts. Even Silicon Valley techs are fasting.  

Improve Your Typing Speed

How long do you need to type 800 words? And on a subject you already know? If you need more than an hour and a half, you are typing too slow. The faster you type, the more articles you can complete, which means more billable work. Fast secretaries’ type 80 words a minute. Of course, writing requires much more creativity, planning, researching, and editing, but still. Thirty or twenty words a minute should be your goal.

Learn to use the HOME ROW where your index fingers always go on F and J keys and learn to use all your fingers when typing. Not just your middle and index ones. Especially use the small fingers since they are usually the ones which are least used.

Develop writing habits without looking at the keys, and always mentally imagine one or two words before writing them. Use laptops with easy-to-use and fast keyboards, like Asus zenbook, Dell XPS 13 or Asus g551g.

Establish a rhythm while typing – the keystrokes must come in regular intervals. If you are able to type one thousand words in less than an hour, you can easily write two or three posts a day.

Use Google Drive for Storage

Google drive represents a cloud-based synchronized storage space for your all your data. Documents can be shared with others, so they can edit and review your articles. A truly unified system for all of your work.

Some freelance bloggers also have clients that request work to be submitted right via Google Docs, where they can edit the piece and return it for revisions. Use Google Sheets for managing all earnings and projects. Track each task and its edits from the beginning to the final revision.

Define Exact Business Hours

Develop a schedule and stick to it. While keeping regular “business hours” is tough for freelancers, especially with all the flexible deadlines that happen all the time, you should do your best to set regular working hours in order to prioritize your time.

If you don’t create priorities for yourself, someone else will do it for you. If you don’t respect your time, no one will. Set a day-to-day schedule, whether from 5 am to 2 pm or the traditional 9-to-five, so you can work with increased productivity. Set a routine for yourself to follow. Schedule video chats and client meetings during those hours. Remember to include time for lunch and smaller breaks so you can be rested and focused. Be strict in following that schedule.

Although some of these pieces of advice may seem like time killers and errands that don’t bring in revenue, training and eating healthy will give you so many benefits in the long run. Self-discipline and strict enforcement of your own rules will not just increase your productivity and mental agility but will also give you mental, physical and spiritual toughness. A rare thing to own nowadays, and an incredibly useful asset for all freelance bloggers.