The Power of Giving: Teaching and Inspiring Our Children

Children are a true treasure of this world, especially considering their natural kindness and compassion. This is why it’s so important for parents to guide their kids in the right direction so that they can make sure their kids grow up knowing and practicing the power of giving. Inspiration can be found in many things but nothing feels quite as good as being kind. You know it as an adult and children sense it through their own instincts. In that respect, you can help them help others and learn to value life, kindness and hard work as they age.

You should set an example

Your kids won’t know what to do sometimes or how they can help if they don’t have you to follow in these actions. Therefore, it’s very important that you set an example for your kids and show them the value and power of giving properly. For instance, make sure to give some money to the homeless person you encounter, take your kids to fundraisers whenever you get the chance and don’t hesitate to bring them with you to shelters so that they can see you working for the benefit of others. Even though kids don’t understand the concept of money when they’re young, you should explain the importance of what you’re doing so that they can soon follow your guidance.

A charity that’s easy to understand

As mentioned, kids can’t really grasp the concept of money as adults do, which is why fundraising charities may not be the best option to include them in right from the start. However, kids can understand their daily needs, which is why including them in charities that let them donate clothes and toys makes a lot more sense. After all, it’s important to allow the child to visualize the happiness they can bring to others with their own essentials that used to bring happiness to them.

Once they’re older, they can also help at shelters and even elderly neighbours with chores. And when they’re old enough to actually understand the value of money, they can participate in fun charities such as an impactful children’s charity in Australia that allows them to donate money and participate in a lottery by doing so. The key is to engage them in a charity in a way that allows them to see and understand the difference they make.

The value of money

Even though money is not the most important thing in the world, your kids should still be aware of its value as well as the hard work you put into making it. That said, you should focus on teaching your kids proper money management when they’re still young.

You can pay them for certain chores but you should never give them more money than the set allowance beforehand. Take the time to show them how to use their budget to save and/or buy the things they want. Encourage them to save money for buying presents to their siblings, family members and friends. That way, they’ll experience the joy and power of giving first-hand while still learning about the value of money, proper management and the importance of saving. Most importantly, help them understand the satisfaction of saving for the thing they want and the ability to donate the money that will help other people feel that same satisfaction thanks to their selfless behaviour.

Never focus your attention on material things as you’re trying to teach your kids the power of giving. Obviously, some keepsakes and mementos are important, but aside from that, one of the best lessons you can give them is not to get too attached to material stuff.