These Should Be Your Top 5 Priorities When You Start Wedding Planning

Planning your wedding is a lovely and unique experience, but it can often be overwhelming. It seems that a new to-do pops up at every corner and the whole ordeal can turn out to be time-consuming. That’s why it is crucial your significant other and you have your priorities sorted out. So, here is a helpful list of things you should see as your top priorities.

The Budget

This. This number will linger over your whole wedding, whether you like it or not, so you better accept it. Apart from the priorities that we will be covering in this article, rest assured there will be at least 200 more you will need to deal with as the chosen date approaches. So, before you get lost in imagining that fateful “I do” moment, think about how much you and both sets of your parents can chip in, so you know in what money frame are you operating in.

The Dress


Sorry guys! But the undying truth is that a bride’s gown is the focal point of any wedding ceremony. Shopping for a dress or ordering it can be an excruciating and a long process, so any bride should get to it as soon as possible. Wedding dresses can be quite expensive, thus being patient and having the time to choose the right one is again important. While you can borrow the dress, this doesn’t always pan out. What if it doesn’t fit and you can’t get it to the seamstress on time? What if you just simply want to completely own the memories connected to the dress that will take you down the aisle? It’s completely understandable that we all, boys and girls alike, want to feel dashing on their wedding day. That’s why you should bump this to-do to the top of your wedding priorities if you haven’t already.

The Location


One of the first things you visualize when thinking about your wedding is the venue where it will be held. This is something loads of us start imagining when we are little. And even though our preferences change over the years, some things probably remain true – some of us picture grand castle-like locations while others veer towards garden wedding venues while some prefer a beach ceremony and party. While all sound lovely, they demand a completely different approach to wedding planning. Will it be kid-friendly? How will people get around? Are there logistic possibilities for the band to play? If it’s a beach setting, will there be a place where the bride will be able to get ready with her bridesmaids? All of these questions can be answered only when the location is chosen, thus do keep in mind this should be one of the first things you check off your list.

The Photographer

We don’t know about you, but countless times we came across newlyweds lamenting about their failed wedding pictures or wedding guests fuming over the chosen photographer by blaming the bride and groom who were just probably burdened by their obligations to choose the right person for the job. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, make this a top priority. Memories last as much as the photographs, but photos (and videos) help you relive that special day in a way memories can’t. Luckily, in today’s world, a lot of us are surrounded by audio-visual pros, so even if you’re on a budget, there is a good chance you can ask out a talented friend for some test shots and hire them for a reasonable price. Don’t forget – someone may be talented, but if their usual focus is extreme sports, good wedding photos aren’t guaranteed, so test them out!

The Catering

In today’s age, we all have specific taste and dietary requirements, and your wedding guests are no exception. It’s a given these days that you satisfy the vegans and vegetarians as much as the carnivores. Moreover, as we have all become as a society more aware of the downsides of unhealthy food, one would hope you will have some healthy options served to the guests. After you hire the caterer of your choosing, it’s time to decide – will the food be served in strict time order? Or will you opt for a more laid-back option of a rich buffet? The world of food is your oyster!

You should enjoy the ride to your wedding day, so knowing that the location is more important than the colors of the napkins will help. Organize as much as you can, accept that there will be unforeseen circumstances and remember – at the end of the day, it’s about the love between you and your partner.