Tips for Taking a Bus Trip from Montreal to New York


Choosing the bus for any of your North American trips is usually the best option, primarily because of the price and no driving responsibility. The route from Montreal to New York is no exception. In this article, we will share with you some of the advantages of traveling by bus, as well as a few tips for a comfortable trip.

Advantages of a bus trip

Even though it is the truth that a car is faster than a bus, the difference is not that impressive at all. You will increase your travel time only by 30 to 60 minutes. There is a 600km route, and when you include all the stops – gas stations, food along the way, toilet stops, etc., it will take approximately 6.5 to 7.5 hours by car. Now, do 30 or 60 minutes really matter when you realize that there are multiple disadvantages of traveling by car? If you choose the bus, you won’t have to deal with the unpleasant parking fees. In the end, you don’t even need a car once you get in New York. Instead of being tired because of driving, you can just sit on the bus, relax, and even sleep through the whole route.

A train is also an option. However, not only that it’s slower than a bus, but bus tickets from Montreal to New York are also much cheaper! Also, you can choose organized bus tours which last two, three, or four days, whatever you prefer. On top of that, some offers also include a hotel in Manhattan. You get nothing of that if you choose a train. And finally, the plane is the fastest option out there, but there are again several disadvantages. The flight ticket price is expensive, usually even three (or more) times higher than the bus ticket. Also, you have to arrive two hours before departure and to get bored because of lengthy lines at security and customs. The bus is a lot cheaper, and you can enter the station only a few minutes before the departure.

If you like to sleep on a bus, make yourself comfortable

It doesn’t matter if your bus tour is organized by day or by night, many people enjoy sleeping through the whole route. The time passes faster, and you will have more energy when you come to New York. There are two essential things to consider before the bus trip – clothes and comfort. You can’t be in your pajama pants, but you can choose something soft, particularly around the waist. For instance, a nice pair of chinos is an excellent option for a bus tour. A pillow is crucial, of course, but usually, it is not enough for maximum comfort. Use a t-shirt or a fleece layer, and put it between your seat and your back. You’ll feel much more relaxed and in a better mood for sleep.


Always try to be close to the window

Being close to the window is always a better option. First, because of sleeping since you can position your pillow between your seat and the window (some people prefer this option). But, most importantly, if you don’t sleep the whole time, or even don’t sleep at all, you’ll probably want to enjoy the sightseeing and watching the cityscape. Even a few minutes watching through the bus window could help you recover some of the previous traveling memories.

A bus trip from Montreal to New York is a great option, and we hopefully managed to explain to you why. It is affordable, relatively fast, and most importantly, you won’t have headaches because of driving.