Top Tips for Planning Any Kind of Event

Planning, organizing and hosting an event are all pieces to creating an amazing experience for your guests. Whether you’re doing a corporate event, planning a wedding or just throwing a birthday party, there are some golden rules that will ensure that you always come out on top and that your event goes smoothly and guest leave satisfied.

Excite your guests to come

If you have no guests – you have no event. If it’s a regular, recurring event, make sure there’s something new and fresh every time and if it’s something you’re throwing for the first time, make sure people know what they are coming to and that they’re excited to how up. If the description on the invitations is bland and doesn’t really say what the event will contain, you might be hosting an empty room. So, hype up all the best parts right there on the invite, and if you have any big-name guests – make sure you include them too!

Have a timetable

Whether it’s available to the guests or not, you need to have a timetable in your head and on your phone and everyone who is part of the organization team needs to be aware of it too. This way there are no crashes like the food being brought in in the middle of an important speech or someone making the toast while the guests’ champagne glasses are still being poured backstage. Create a timetable that works and where all the events support one another.


Have an open bar

There’s really nothing that will loosen up a party like some booze. An open bar is the perfect opportunity for your guests to mingle and get to know each other, and people really won’t drink as much as you think they will. You’ll be fine if you order good mixed wine cases online and have them delivered to where the event will be held, along with some basic cocktail ingredients and a few non-alcoholic options. If you’ll be making a toast, champagne is a nice addition.

Let’s talk food

Depending on the event, people probably aren’t there to eat. They are there to enjoy the program that the vent offers, and food is only something that is there to make sure nobody is distracted by hunger. This means that small cocktail bite-size dishes are all you need. There’s really no point in having a three-course meal that most people won’t finish and that will only distract from the program, because you have to factor in exact times when people will be sitting down to eat.


Something entertaining

Listening to many hours of speeches isn’t fun. You have to make it interactive, break it up with other activities or at least give guests something to do. This can be a trivia quiz, a vote for the best speech, an interactive game in between or during the speeches, or some entertainment acts. The guests should feel like an integral part of the event and not like an audience. If it’s a party, make sure there’s a dance floor and that people are dancing. If it’s a wedding, fill the room with little things to do, like leave notes for the newlyweds, make origami sculptures that will serve as on-site decoration or just fun games to play like darts.

End early

This one might sound controversial and it doesn’t apply to all events, but if you want people to really leave with the best possible experience, you want to end the event right after its peak. Before people get bored or tired, let them leave still wanting more, and have them perfectly primed for next time.


Organizing an event is not an easy task, and while having a task force that will help with the small things is good, really only one person can be the organizer and needs to keep everything in their head. So, make sure you take breaks for meditation and plan your days well to be able to handle the burden!