Traveling Australia on a Tight Budget

Even though Australia is so remote and vast, it’s more than possible to explore this country on a budget. You might need to say goodbye to certain luxuries, but if you consider how much money you’ll save, it will all be worth it. Here are a few tips for all you budget travelers waiting to explore Oz.

Choose affordable accommodation

Hotels and Airbnbs in Australia can be quite expensive, so it’s best to find a good hostel as your accommodation (if you’re willing to sleep in a less lux environment). For those adventurous travelers, camping is a great option. This will save you a lot of money and provide you with amazing adventures. But, in order to camp, you need to visit a National Park (Australia has many of these) and find free camping spots. Some of the bigger spots have all necessary amenities like power, toilet and running water. A night in nature here and there will definitely reduce the cost of your Australian trip.

Be smart with eating out

If you’re planning to eat out every day, opt for breakfast and lunch—prices of these two meals are much cheaper than dinner. Also, surf clubs, bowling clubs and memorials clubs in almost every Australian town have super cheap food and drinks, so check them out. Additionally, every time you see a food court in a shopping mall, feel free to grab a bite. They are cheap yet offer good meals. Chinatowns in Melbourne and Sydney are also great, filled with cheap prices and large portions.

Cook for yourself

If you can spare anything on food (even fast food joints will serve you with $10+ bills), you can always prepare your own food. Take advantage of your hostel kitchen and cook something quick like noodles, salads and oatmeal. Also, many parks have public BBQ spots you can use, so grab some meat from the supermarket and have fresh yet cheap burgers!

Hop on a Greyhound Bus

Backpacker’s favorite, the Grayhound Bus is probably the cheapest way to travel around Australia. For $500 you get a pass that allows you to use the transportation as many times as you want. If you’re planning on exploring all kinds of destinations in Oz, this will come in very handy.

Find some work

If you’re planning on staying in Oz for a longer time, it’s a smart idea to find some work and replenish your budget. Australia offers all sorts of practical jobs that require no previous experience (think waiting at tables, working in hotels or doing delivery). However, it’s always great to have a PTE certificate if you’re not coming from an English speaking country that will prove you have the necessary reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to work in Australia. Luckily, there are great PTE coaching agencies that will ensure you get your certificate in no time. With that document, you’ll definitely find a good job to keep your budget full!

Spend time in nature

Most of the Australian national parks are free to visit, so if you’re looking for budget-friendly activities, why not spend some time in nature? Also, The Botanical Gardens in Brisbane and Melbourne can be experienced for free. Parks like Hyde Park in Sydney, Carlton Gardens in Melbourne and Perth’s Kings Park are also must-see destinations with amazing views and fun things to do for free.

Spend time at the beach

Australia is known for its amazing beaches and lively beach life. Since its coastline stretches almost 50,000 km, it has thousands of beaches for you to enjoy. Most beaches are free and even locals choose to spend a day near the ocean every now and then. Pack a few necessities like water, food, towel and sunscreen and you can have a cheap picnic. Or you can use the beach BBQ and prepare a full-on meal in the open!

Check out museums and galleries

While most of the world charges for gallery and museum entrances, Australia lets you enjoy many of these cultural places for free. So, if you need a break from the sun or just want a dose of culture, museums got your back! Sydney’s Art Gallery of New South Wales and the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne are great places to start your exploration of Australia’s cultural scene and learn a few things.

Thanks to its amazing nature and plenty of free things to do and see, Australia is a paradise for all budget travelers. Make sure to experience it yourself this year!