Wedding Planning Mishaps You Can Learn From

We all want a dream wedding where everything will be in absolute order. It just needs to be perfect and we won’t settle for less. This is why most people don’t like to discuss any potential unpleasant situations during their special day. However, this is wrong as ignoring potential problems never makes them go away. What does is discussing them and taking action in order to prevent them. Having this in mind, it’s best if you did some research and reviewed some of the uncomfortable scenarios that could easily happen to anyone. Once you face these, it will ease the pressure since you’ll know how to act in certain situations, as well as a good way to prevent them.

Uninvited guests

It may seem silly, but these situations happen more often than one might think. The reasons are many. Some people accidentally RSVP “no” instead of “yes”, or they change their plans and forget to send you an update. On the other hand, some people bring a plus one even if their invitations didn’t imply so. This is why it’s important to leave some room for such events. When booking your space, make sure there are more chairs and more food than you initially anticipated. Leave some room to shuffle your seating arrangement and that way you’ll ease your life and not be forced to obsess about what to do once somebody appears unannounced. 

Playing safe


Some things allow creativity and risks while others are not suitable for such actions. For instance, there was a couple that wanted to use the groom’s grandfather’s old-timer for the wedding. They fixed it up and everything looked peachy until the car just stopped in the middle of an uphill road creating a major blockage on the road. It stopped all the guests and slowed traffic down significantly until someone was able to get help. This is why these things should be done right. Getting one of those gorgeous Rolls Royce wedding cars can really upscale the ceremony and ease your troubles as you’ll be getting a guarantee that everything will be in order.  

Forecasting weather


Unfortunately, we cannot predict the weather accurately, which is why one must be prepared for all sorts of weather changes. Since most weddings happen in spring or fall, it’s an extremely risky category for rain and strong wind. Both are horrible for makeup, clothes and photos and everyone loves to have beautiful wedding photos. So, if a part of your wedding is happening outdoors, you need special preparations for potential rain. As long as you have waterproof makeup and proper equipment, as well as an indoor place to accommodate all your guests, you’ll be fine. Just have various weather conditions in mind and make sure they don’t ruin your special day.

Jukebox horrors

Some people like the liberal atmosphere where anyone can order various songs from the band and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, people drink at weddings and you definitely don’t want your drunken cousin to hog the music and make them play the same awful song five times in a row. Consequently, everyone becomes bored or annoyed and it is a huge downer for most of your guests. That is why you should try your best and plan a repertoire with your band that nobody can disrupt. That way, you won’t be pressured into worrying about the music and crazy drunken cousins.

Basically, anything can happen any day, even during your wedding. There can be various mishaps and you cannot control whether some of them happen or not. However, you can learn from the experience of others and try to prevent some of them. In the end, thinking about these events will put your mind at ease and lower your perfectionism as you’ll see that nothing can be just perfect, especially when it depends on so many other people. So, relax, take a deep breath and prepare to laugh at it if anything unplanned happens.