What Causes Water Damage In Homes

Water damage reported in recent years would have been averted by simple home maintenance and using a leak detection system according to research. To repair water damage will cost you an average of $5000; for this reason, it is always vital for us to understand some of the causes of water damage alpharetta and how we can deal with them.


Rain damage is one of the causes of water damage, which accounts to 8% of most water damages. Without proper house foundation protection, even the small amount of rain will cause water damage over time. Always make sure that your house is protected to avert this problem.

Plumbing Problems


Many of the plumbing problems like pipe leaks and bursts may occur within walls and become too difficult to detect, and if not detected on time, they cause severe water damage on the house foundation and interior. It is therefore advisable that you take regular expert inspection of your home pipes to detect possible leaks and fix soonest possible

3. Household appliance

If we have malfunctioning and old appliance may be the cause of wreak havoc on the internal water system.

Having weak or cracked pipes can lead to future leaks in the recent most homes experience water damages caused by old washing machines, or hot water takes, dishwashers water heaters or refrigerators always fix and replace old models of home. The appliance will prevent future water leaks and damages.

4. Heating, ventilation airs conditioning systems.

Water Damage

We don’t realize that heating and air conditioning systems require regular maintenance. Without proper Maintenances of these systems, they will cause severe moist to our home and be the cause of mold growth and mildew deposits. To avert this problem, always schedule regular home checks ups and maintain ace by a professional who will replace and repair the systems to prevent moisture buildups and, ultimately, water damage in the long run.