What Your Underwear Says About You

If you are one of those men who think that these types of articles are feminine, you are probably the one that needs them the most. Perhaps, you would also say that “the suit doesn’t make the man but the man makes the suit.” Nevertheless, the ugly truth is that “the suit” really buys you respect. Therefore, the best is not to fight the superficial and use all the advice you come across on the road to a better life, and we all need a bit of a push there sometimes. A good starting point is trying to figure out what you are able to see when scanning girls. Apart from the obvious physical attractiveness, every man nowadays is able to notice if a girl is well-groomed under all those designer clothes and makeup. Well guys, girls notice things too. Although current trends cut you some slack when it comes to regular shaving and haircuts, you do have to pay attention, more than ever, to be clean, well-dressed and to wear at least decent underwear. Let’s see what’s absolutely unacceptable when it comes to your undergarments.

Tighty whities

If you are not a little boy and your mother stopped providing you with your underwear and you still wear those, please throw them away or stop paying for them. Apart from looking horribly sloppy on grown-up men, they are usually discolored, and if a girl ever sees you in them, believe me, she will never stay for that long to take a peek inside.

Boxer shorts

Although many guys would rather die alone than throw away their favorite boxers, there are still those who willingly agree to wear them only around the house. No matter if you are a fan or not, you must admit that boxers bunch up under your trousers, which isn’t really nice to see, plus it’s very uncomfortable. Apart from looking bad under your clothes and providing zero support, the sight is even worse when you undress. No matter how old you are, you look like a teenager, which is unwanted. However, if you wear them as shorts around the house, no one can blame you, especially if you live alone. Also, boxers can be quite comfortable pajamas. If you decide to keep yours or to purchase a new pair, please make sure to avoid the ones with cartoon characters or lame prints and patterns. Instead, try to find a pair made of some comfortable natural material, such as silk, cotton or linen.


When it comes to looking immature in your underwear, briefs are an absolute win. No matter how well-built you are, you don’t look athletic, you look ridiculous wearing them in front of a grown-up woman. Even if you prefer those in dark colors, the impression is still the same. In addition, they hug your thighs in a quite uncomfortable way, and rarely look good even on tall men.

Jockstraps, G-strings and thongs

If you do not belong to a tribe, there are no sensible reasons why you would allow yourself to be seen in those. If you undress in front of a woman, and your G- string, jockstrap or, God forbid, a thong pops up, she will definitely consider you too self- confident or vain at best. The majority, though, would think of you as a complete weirdo.


The worst option, however, is to go out without wearing underwear in the 21st century. Not even a girl who loves you would tolerate that. For those who consider not wearing your underwear as an outburst of a free spirit or artistic manifest, it really does only manifest your sloppiness and lack of manners.

Boxer briefs

Finally, the most preferable, and luckily, the favorite type of men’s underwear nowadays are boxer briefs. Apart from the obvious comfort, as they are made of natural, organic stretchy cotton, you give the impression that you take care of your health and Mother Nature as well, which will give you additional points with girls. Apart from being almost invisible under your clothes, they are suitable for almost all body-types, so you don’t really have to be that handsome to look good in them. They lightly squeeze your upper thighs and butt and make you look more athletic while also providing the best support for your groin. Apart from being made of natural materials, nowadays, they come in a wide range of designs and patterns. Still, if you are a grown-up man, the advice is to stick to dark colors such as navy blue, gray, black or dark green. Avoid light and bright colors for esthetic reasons. Also, funny messages, jokes and prints are really not that funny on your underwear, so try to avoid them. There are better ways to make a woman laugh and show your sense of humor and the bedroom is really not the right place for that.

So, women are really not that complicated but life is. It’s about time you grew up and took your underwear seriously. Women know that nothing boosts your self- confidence more than good underwear, so why not give it a try?