Your Essential Conference and Corporate Event Planning Checklist

The organization of your conference or corporate event has to be flawless. You want to present your brand to your sponsors and attendees in the best possible way. Also, you want them to feel great throughout the whole conference. To achieve that goal, you’ll need to think about all small details, and based on that, to create an event planning checklist. 

Top goals of your event

You have to define a few essential goals for organizing a conference or a corporate event. Increasing your brand awareness while also launching a new product line is usually the most critical factor. Besides that, you should try to define how many attendees you want to attract. Your invitation list should not be bigger than your venue capacity is. And the last thing you have to think about is the revenue. How much do you hope to collect from your conference? Once you answer this question, you can start establishing your budget.

Determine your event budget

Finances are the most important component for the organization, and therefore, you should establish a strict budget for your corporate event. In Australia, you have plenty of options for different services. Hence, check them all out and determine which ones fit your budget the best. Some of the primary expenses every event has to include are the venue, marketing materials, entertainment, and catering. Also, you should aim for audio visual hire in Sydney since you’ll definitely need it for such a massive event. And finally, you should not overlook the minor expenses. To correctly determine your overall budget, you have to think about all small organizational details. That includes venue decor, taxes, fees, and additional venue staff.

Choose venue and date


There are countless factors to think about before choosing the right place for your event. First of all, it should be close to the airport, and easy to find. Parking spots and hotel rooms are also crucial for the overall guest impression. When it comes to space, figure out if you need a vast, open space or segmented areas. Besides that, you’ll maybe need to provide a Wi-Fi connection and catering service. Payments are another critical factor, and therefore, before you book the venue, check all information about deposit and refund policies. Finally, regarding the date, it is best to choose one of the weekend days. Also, try to avoid scheduling your conference too close to other events with a similar purpose.

Finding sponsors

corporate event

To increase your reach and budget, you should strive to find the right corporate sponsors and community partners. Make sure that their marketing objectives are similar to yours, and also, their business goals should be identical to your vision. However, money and marketing are not the only two goals for getting sponsors. The point is to create long-lasting relationships through sponsorship. Corporate events and conferences represent a unique opportunity to develop valuable deals and relationships with sponsors and attendees.

Branding and marketing

Branding and promoting your event is the ultimate goal of the whole event. To brand your event correctly and enhance your visual identity, you have to choose your event name, logo, and theme carefully. Promotional materials are also super important to introduce your brand more thoroughly to your guests. Also, you need to promote your event through different marketing channels continually. Focus on social media, email marketing, and work on your SEO as much as you can. On the day of the event, don’t forget about Facebook live videos and Instagram stories with specific hashtags.

Conferences and corporate events are super beneficial for increasing your brand awareness and creating relationships. Therefore, make sure that every organizational step is on point.